About us

Everything began with two visionaries that wanted to redefine and bring back the heart melting warmth from receiving gifts that are customized just for you.


À Toi means “to you” with a kind heart, compassionate mind and loving soul.


For our chef who trained at the prestigious Ferrandi Paris, bar was set high from the very beginning.  She trained and worked with world renowned chefs like Cédric Grolet, Stéphane Glacier, Ramon Morató and Pierre Mirgalet. After perfecting the technical skill sets in France, chef ventured to Tokyo where she worked alongside top chefs in doing consulting, research and development of chocolates and patisseries for the Asia Pacific region.


For chef, À Toi is the pursuit of her diverse experience in the two culinary capitals. Where she grasped the essence of chic and elegant French patisserie and learned the culture of showing appreciation through Japanese gifting.


Our chef is thrilled to bring the best gastronomic experience back home along with ways that can make gifting a little more remarkable. We strive to inspire spontaneous gifting and make it meaningful for every heartfelt moment.

What is À Toi?

We believe gifting should be fun and special. It’s all about making that person feel the warmth from what you have thoughtfully picked from them.

At À Toi, we source the finest ingredients where it’s made best: local creameries, natural fruit purées from France and fine chocolates from Southern continents. You can expect a natural burst of flavor in all of our products that will instantly set us apart, nothing artificial.

Aside from making sure our products look and taste amazing, we want to encourage our gifters to add some personal touch. We strive to make gifting meaningful again by bringing back the fuzzy nostalgia in letter writing. If you are hopelessly ...... and needs help, we provide cards that range from haikus to riddles, one that can speak your mind.

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